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      Heavy industry, machinery, please baidu keywords to find us! Hangzhou Zheqi Cranes.Co.,Ltd. The url : www.jimei60.com




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      Hangzhou Zheqi Cranes.Co.,Ltd.

      Hangzhou Zheqi Cranes.Co.,Ltd.

      Hangzhou Zheqi Cranes.Co.,Ltd.founded in October 2002, is the famous steel wire rope electric hoist manufacturers and service providers, China headquarters is located in the scenic tourist city - hangzhou fuyang. Company since its inception, constantly introducing new technology, new technology, research and development of new products, develop the useful series of wire rope electric hoist, withstood the severe test environment, whether in factories, warehouses, electric power, steel, cement, paper making, mining areas, or in the field of modern logistics, military manufacturing, product quality and technical performance are always stay

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